Curtis Jones“I must have pestered the $#!@ out of my dad. But he FINALLY got the 1973 ATC90 running so I could learn to ride it. Some learn to operate machines before the age of 7 like me, but not most. I flattened a half acre of tall grass next to the house in no time on the family farm in Corvallis, Oregon. I wanted to drive everything. Moms car, dads pickup, dads log truck, tractors, chainsaws: anything.

I stayed busy after school on classic Yamaha enduros, dusting up BLM roads in LaPine, Oregon. Probably kept me out of a lot of small-town trouble. When I got my license I kinda forgot about bikes. For a little while… By 22 I was on my first street bike. A ’74 CB750. Out of necessity I kept it tuned myself (like everything I own).

After a couple CB750’s and a couple Magnas and a brand new Harley, I would have to call myself a Honda guy. The best bang for the buck so far, is my first generation Shadow. 1985 VT1100c. As cheap and unique as me, my Shadow and I cruise highways and biways rather than the grass fields and dusty backroads of my childhood. And with no custom parts made for a bike produced for only 2 years, I get plenty of practice fabricating and custom designing.

Curtis Jones riding in the snowNow Dad rides a Harley as well as little brother. Sis rides a Goldwing and baby sis has her eye on a Rebel. My wife wants to get on the old Magna that I used to take her for rides on when we were dating. The CB350 chopper that was given to me may very well be ready for my 1 year old son to ride one day.

In a college writing class i wrote a 21 page paper on motorcycles and motorcycle culture. Sometimes the best answers to lifes questions are found while holding handlebars. I really can’t imagine a world without motorcycles and wouldn’t want to.”