shane-gunnerBorn R. Shane Hall in the panhandle of Florida in 1967, I was an Air Force kid.  Later we moved to rural Southern Idaho breathing in the beauty and simplicity of ranch life.  My little brother and I learned to ride on a 1960 Cushman Trailster and a scrap iron rat bike with a tiny Briggs and Stratton motor. The seat was a chunk of ugly shag carpet stretched over half inch plywood wired to the frame. Between that and BMX bicycles, we were pretty well weaned on two wheels.  I didn’t officially get a street bike until 1991 when I picked up a Kawasaki z550, and though it wasn’t a lotta bike, it was a stepping stone and surely taught me how to ride in a pack.  I knew right then nothing would be the same.  A friend of mine sold me one of his bikes, a 1988 Harley Davidson FXRP.  Since then I’ve owned a 2003 anniversary edition FLSTFI FatBoy and I currently ride a 2013 HD FLTRU Road Glide Ultra.  I don’t make any distinctions between those who ride import bikes and those who love American muscle.  I’ll ride with anyone that enjoys and respects the road and makes the effort to be a friend. That’s just how it is.  Art, in various forms, has always been a passion of mine and it was natural to tackle music, acting, painting, and computer aided graphic design as well as video editing.  I’ve travelled quite a few miles with good friends over the years and gathered quite a bit of footage.  JD saw a movie I made and immediately thought I’d make a good fit here at Iron Rider TV.  Maybe we’ll catch you out on the open road one day.  Let’s plan on it.

– Gunner