I Grew up in the Bay area of CA and rode dirt bikes with my 6 brothers. I moved to Oregon when I was 17 and didn’t ride again until my oldest brother Mike got out of the Army and showed up with a Yamaha 400 dual sport. I was back on two wheels again, at least for a short while. Then my brother Steve came to visit with his new 500four that I proceeded to lay down when I hit gravel on the side of the road in a sharp corner, my first time putting a street bike down. Years later I got my own bike.  I got my current 2010 Honda Fury after my son showed me pictures of it on the internet. I was in awe and never looked back. Not only a great looking bike, chopper, but an unbelievable great ride. I love the sound and history of the Harley’s, but none of them have the look of my Fury.  jd-gore-2Now I am customizing my chopper to be more of an American bike..especially in the decibel department. I now have the best of both worlds. I spent 8 years hosting and producing TV shows for The Outdoor Channel, The Sportsman’s Channel and Wild TV in Canada. No longer in the Outdoor industry, I took to my other passion.  I wasn’t happy with what was being portrayed on TV of bikers in this country so I decided to look into a TV show that gives the true idea of what and who the average biker is like. Its time to educate and introduce the biker to those that either love this life or simply want to know more about the ride life. We are everywhere and everyone, all walks of life. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Your neighbor. We are good, bad and at times very ugly, but we have something in common, we love our freedom to ride. Please enjoy Iron Rider TV.

– JD