Stormy (TJ)

inron-rider-stormyNothing better…..”The sun on your face, and the wind at your back”….or is that the other way around? Either….Or….the freedom I feel when on my bike I can only equate to a leg gripping, wide open, full stretch gallop.

Having grown up in Central and Eastern Oregon, the “out of doors” is more than a way of life….it is a lifestyle to embrace, and to have the fortunate opportunity to do so there is no better place than on my bike, rolling through the countryside to a new destination.

I encourage,….No, more than that…I would “challenge and champion” anyone that has ever considered or wondered if they should or could ride…Never, never, never hold back. For me, riding is my “Calgon”….take me away.

If the name fits….wearin’ it proudly….Throttle Junkie